On top of that, the stresses and strains of everyday life can lead to anxiety and feelings of depression, which are certainly never good for your libido. And if you are getting older, you may notice that you or your partner is showing signs of erectile dysfunction, which becomes more commonplace as we age. Thankfully, there are several things to try if you want to recover your relationship in the bedroom and reignite your sex life.

Talk It Out:

Communication is key in all aspects of your relationship, but many couples find it hard to talk about sex. But by not talking about it, you’re only prolonging the problem. Couples who are experiencing being stuck in a rut with their sex life might end up blaming the other partner or themselves for the problem, which is just another factor that makes it difficult to bring up – after all, you don’t want an argument or for either of you to be upset. However, clear communication is vital to ensure that you are able to get to the root of the issue and come to some agreements about what you can both do to start reigniting the spark.

Get Active:

If you’re not leading an active lifestyle, this could be contributing to your bedroom problems more than you realise. Studies have found that people who are in relationships but sexually inactive tend to be more prone to feelings of sadness and unattractiveness. Getting active and finding new ways to move your body can be one of the best ways to reclaim your sexual power and start to feel more comfortable in your own skin again. Activities that encourage you to move your body and improve your flexibility like yoga or dancing are great choices.

Do Something Different Together:

Doing something new and different together can help you increase the intimacy between you both by creating a sense of bonding and getting you out of the routine that you have gotten used to. Think outside of the box and try something new together that you wouldn’t normally opt for. Something fun and exciting like an escape room challenge or visiting a theme park is a great way to create dopamine, which will help to spark the feelings that you had during the honeymoon phase of your relationship. And, since dopamine and other brain chemicals are linked directly to passion and attraction, enjoying a new activity together could help you get the spark back.

Consider a Visit to the Doctor:

If your problems in the bedroom are stemming from an issue with performance rather than a lack of attraction or passion in the relationship, it might be time to get a health checkup. Erectile dysfunction can be a serious issue for some guys, and it can be a real passion-killer. Not only can it get in the way of enjoying an intimate experience with your partner, but it can lead to feelings of anxiety and inadequacy that can make it even more difficult to bond. If you are diagnosed with ED, you can try ED treatment from Manual. Visit Manual for a range of treatment options, including Viagra, to help you improve your performance in the bedroom and get your confidence back.

Try Something New:

Along with trying something new outside of the bedroom, it’s worth introducing some new things into your sex life too. And there’s certainly no shortage of options for couples who want to do something different, whether you want to experiment with sex toys, bondage, or role-play.  Exploring various sex guides together can also provide insightful tips and techniques to enhance intimacy and explore new avenues of pleasure together. Getting started is easier than you think with plenty of great options for beginners or couples who might be a little skeptical of trying something different. Sex toys, for example, don’t have to be scary or intimidating with plenty of small and easy-to-use options that you can get started with and then build from there as you become more confident using them.

Take a Trip Together:

Getting away from home and experiencing a new place together can be a fun way to take a break from your regular routine and enjoy some new shared experiences. Whether you go for a fun city break, a short break in the countryside or the mountains, a trip to the beach to relax or a cozy cabin in the woods with a hot tub, spending some quality time together away from home and familiarity could be just what you need to reignite the spark and remember why you were so attracted to one another in the first place.

Try Erotica:

Whether you like reading or watching movies, there are plenty of erotic options out there that can help to get you in the mood and provide you with some inspiration for what you might want to do with one another. Reading erotica together can be a fun experience or if you are up for it, or find some high-quality ethical pornography to watch together. Watching other people getting it on on-screen could quickly get you both feeling in the mood.

Change Your Lifestyle:

Your wider lifestyle can quickly have a big effect on your sex life. If you’re not eating properly, exercising well, or staying hydrated, your body can go into survival mode, and this usually means that your libido will dwindle. If you’ve both found yourselves stuck in bad habits and not looking after your bodies properly, making some positive and healthy changes to your lifestyle could have more benefits on you than just improving your sex life. And, planning healthy meals and exercising together could help you bond more than you may realize; working together to hit a shared goal can bring you closer together and help you reignite the passion you’ve lost.


Stress can certainly be a huge passion-killer, and when you’re working stressful jobs and run off your feet trying to meet your commitments in life, those feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed out can easily get in the way of your sex drive. Finding new ways to relax and de-stress together can be an ideal way to improve both of your lives both inside and outside of the bedroom. You will probably find that when you are better able to handle stress, you will also get on better in general, which always makes for better sex life.

See a Therapist:

Finally, if you’re still struggling to improve your sex life, it could be a sign of something more serious underneath the surface. There’s no shame in speaking to a professional relationship coach or therapist about the issues that you are having, either together or separately. A trained third-party can bring a perspective that you might not have thought about and help you resolve your problems in a supportive and non-judgemental way.

No couple likes to experience problems with their sex life, and if left unchecked it can even destroy a relationship over time. If you want to improve your relationship in the bedroom, keep these tips in mind.