With the advancement in manufacturing technologies, there is now an abundance of items that can be used as a memorable gift. Even if you are focused on gifting jewellery, there is no shortage of options. However, nothing is quite as charming as the brilliant and beautifully designed engraved charms.

Precious, personable, and unique; engraved charms by Nomination are timeless pieces of jewels that can make every celebration of love, memorable milestones, or passions a truly memorable one. The opportunity to design them as you please – almost from the ground up – also makes them a fascinating option. Below, you can find the advantages of engraved charms as a special gift to yourself or your loved ones.

Unique and Personalized Designs

Jewellery has always been considered as an invaluable gift option. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, an anniversary, or the date of a special milestone; jewellery works like a charm to enhance the excitement of the occasion. You can certainly maximize that appeal with personalized engraved charms.

Thanks to the availability of handmade engravings, you can inscribe anything from important dates, occasions, hobbies, names, initials, relationship, romance, to special messages onto the beautifully designed pieces of charms. With a selection of fonts, sizes and colours; your engraved pieces of charms will be truly your known and look like no other. It’s never been as easy to stand out with a gift, was it?

Magnificent Designs for Everyone

Being small in sizes; charms offer a limitless amount of options in terms of designs, themes, materials used, detailing, and such. With little to no research, you would find options to mark any special moments of your life. Designed to express a great number of personalities and choices, charms can also be based on the relationship. There are engravable charms suitable for mother, father, children, beloved, friends, and just about any other relatives and acquaintances, you may want to buy a gift for.

Besides, there are also charms designed around the age of the person and their interests. You would find charms themed around music, religions, astronomy, pastime activities like surfing, countries, and nationalities, etc. They are quite versatile too, with the availability of charms for bracelets, necklaces, key rings, and what not!

Precious Gifts That Will Last Forever

Engraved charms may not be too expensive, but they are still very precious for their personable designs. Usually made using fine metals like sterling silver, rose and yellow golds, stainless steels, and such; they are also certain to last forever. Just like a name or memory inscribed into the heart, the engravings on the elegant charms remain a source of memorabilia for as long as they are in possession. For people who won’t settle without the best, there are also charms adorned with valuable stones like diamonds, pearls, Zirconia, etc.