During the day-to-day use of your router, you don’t really need to know your IP address and most users don’t. However, there are a few cases in which you’ll need to enter the address, so it may be useful to figure out how to obtain it.

That’s what happens when there’s troubleshooting with your internet connection, or when you want to configure the router in the settings panel. Configuring some software may also require you to enter an IP address.

The way to do it depends on what kind of device you’re using and here are four ways to find out what your IP address is.

What’s an IP Address?

An IP address is an ID that identifies the device that you’re using on the internet or the local network. It’s a unique number for any device, and it allows the network to differentiate between different computers and devices that are connected online. IP stands for internet protocol. That’s a set of rules that governs the format of the data you’re sending online.

How to IP Address of Your Router When Using a Windows?

Users that are using Windows 10 have two main ways to check their IP address behind a router. The first one starts by clicking the Windows icon in the bottom left of the screen. Select “Command prompt” from that menu and you’ll get a black “Command prompt” window.

While you’re in the “Command prompt” type “IPCONFIG” and press Enter. This will display a lot of different information but you don’t need to worry about most of them, you’re only looking for the IP address. Other items display may help with other configuration tasks.

Look for the “Default Gateway” section and you’ll see a number listed. That number is your IP address.

The second way to find the IP address while using Windows is to do it without going into the “Command prompt” and by using the ordinary interface. It starts by clicking on the “Network connections” icon located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Select “Open Network and sharing center” and when you’re there you’ll see both wired and wireless connections signified with different icons.  Look for the “Connections” section and click on the network name. It’s a name given to the network by the provider or it can be renamed by a user.

Once you’re there click on the “details” button. The number you’ll see in the Pv4 Default Gateway section is your router’s IP Address.

How to Find an IP Address of Your Router Using a Mac?

Finding an IP address on Mac OS is fairly simple and it can be done by any user as is the case with those using Windows. There’s one way to do it by using an ordinary interface and it’s fairly intuitive. Start by clicking an Apple icon in the top left corner of the screen and you’ll get a menu.

Click “System preferences” from that menu and then go to the “Network” section. You can get to the same menu by clicking on the Wi-Fi button in the top right corner of the screen. There you need to click on the “Network preferences” and you’ll find yourself in the same menu.

Select the network that you’re using from the menu in the left section of the screen. There you can see the IP address. Have in mind that this is the IP of your computer and not your public IP address.

Once you’re in this menu, click the “advanced” option in the right bottom corner of the screen. After that, you should select the “TCP/IP” tab. That’s the second tab in a row going from left to right. In this menu, you’ll see your IP address and that of your router, both of which are clearly marked with “IPv4 Address” and “Router”.

How to Find a Router IP Address using an iPhone or an IPad? 

Router IP address can easily be found on any iPhone or IPad device. It can be done by any user and there’s no need to know anything about the OS that everyday users wouldn’t know.  The first step is to click on the “Settings” icon on your phone and go into the settings menu.

There you should tap the “Wi-Fi”. To the right of the “Wi-Fi” section, you’ll notice the name of your network. That’s the name that you’ve given to your Wi-Fi network. Most homes will have one Wi-Fi network throughout the home, but in some circumstances, it’s possible to have more.

When you’re in the Wi-Fi section tap on the “i” icon beside the name of your network. This will provide you additional details about your network and that includes your IP address. On the next screen, you’ll see different IP addresses. Look for the router section and the number in it is your router IP address.

How to Find an IP Address On an Android Device?

It’s relatively simple to find the router IP address on an Android device. It’s also done through the ordinary user interface and can be done by any user simply by following the instructions on the screen. It’s not as intuitive as it can be, but it’s simple enough never the less. Start by going to the “Settings” menu.  Once you’re there tap the “Wi-Fi settings”.

Tap and hold on the network you’re using and you’ll get the “Manage Network Setting” option that you should select. The network you’re using should have a name that was provided by the internet provider or the one that you’ve changed it to.

Check the box next to the “Show advanced options”. After that, you should tap on the “Static” under the “IP settings” section. In the “Gateway” section, you’ll be able to see your IP address.

Finding a router IP address is fairly simple and it can be done on any device. That’s not something you may need every day but, the time will come when you’re going to need your IP address. That’s why every user should know how to find it.


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