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Are you looking for top trending Instagram challenges? You’ve come to the right place. This article will share the full trending Instagram challenges that most Instagram users use to get their profile famous, have massive engagement, and earn more.

A statistic shows that 50% of the population worldwide spends 145 minutes on average on social media. The Philippines spend 3 hours and 53 minutes on average daily. The U.S spends 2 hours and 3 minutes on average each day.

Let’s dive in!

What are the trending challenges on Instagram?

Instagram trending challenges are contests that engage the audience and keep them following and subscribing to trending Instagram content creators. For Instagram content to trend, it must have the most Insta likes. However, some content creators buy Instagram likes to get likes on Instagram posts and grow their accounts. Though it is not advisable, content creators probably buy Instagram likes when they are starting to get influenced and make them known in the industry. Buying Instagram likes has its ups and downs. In addition, it may be expensive depending from one platform to another. It all depends on how urgent you need it and your budget.

How do you do challenges on Instagram

There are things that Instagram content creators do for them to create a trending challenge. They include:

They are partnering with other Instagrammers

Instagrammers who partner with fellow Instagrammers when hosting their Instagram challenge have the advantage of creating a solid and creative-minded community. For Instagrammers to have a trending challenge, it is wise to partner with other Instagrammers. It will help them to get more fans from the challenge at the same time, utilize them to grow their challenge.

They choose a great hashtag

Choosing a great hashtag is the most vital part. It’s what followers will be using in tagging their pictures and getting included in the challenge. Select an easy-to-remember hashtag. Most Instagrammers use their business’s names or blogs. Thus, it is easy for fans to connect to recognize the challenge host and connect to their brand.

Keep your challenge simple

Most trending Instagram challenges do have simple prompts. They assist them in easy remembering and identification. They don’t want fans to feel it is difficult. They want simple prompts to go with any photograph. In addition, simple open-ended prompts give room for creative thinkers.

Choose a reasonable length of time to run your challenge

A trending Instagram should not be too long or short. In most cases, Instagrammers do it such that fans will have a memorable time. Fans will get bored if they get an Instagram challenge taking long. Also, it should not be too short. In most cases, they keep it average.

Marketing and inviting fans to join before starting

Most Instagrammers invite their fellow Instagrammers and bloggers to have a trending challenge. Most probably by sending them an invite, a personalized email, and cards. It helps them to remember your challenge and get to participate.


Many Instagrammers do a challenge to track their participation. It is vital to track your challenge as you will get to know how many fans are following. It also helps Instagrammers know if their hashtag is trending. It is vital as it helps Instagrammers know which measures they will take and how to implement them or whether to replace the hashtag if fans are not for it or if it is not working.

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Interacting with your participants

Commenting on your fans’ photos will keep them intact. They will also appreciate it as it will help create more Instagram likes from other fans. In addition, it will make fans keep following your challenge and get to know what is trending. The more Instagram likes you give to your fans, the more they will stick to the challenge. The flow will go from one follower to another, eager to know what’s happening, and that’s when Instagrammers gain an audience.

Blog recapping

If you have a blog, it is wise to share an overview of your challenge oftenly. It will help participants to keep remembering their challenges. Always sharing the most favored photos of your participants will keep them not forgetting about the challenge.

Why do people do Instagram challenges?

When you get to know where your fans are hanging out, then it’s wise to build a presence there, too. The main reasons why people do Instagram challenges include:

Followers to participate and have fun

Instagram is the second-liked platform. It is the easiest and the most fun social media platform that engages business owners and bloggers. It is also the best social media platform to do video marketing. 91% of active IG users watch videos, and it’s the best place to do a challenge as many will participate and have fun.

Helps to grow Instagram Account

The major reason for the Instagram challenge is that it helps grow the Instagram account. The Instagram challenge encourages participants to follow and subscribe to your Instagram channel. The more the subscribers, the more the account gains followers.

Most businesses combine challenges with giveaways. They give the audience points. The more they subscribe, follow and participate, the more they gain points and win giveaways. It makes participants follow you to win the prizes, hence growing the Instagram account.

Helps to become build your brand identity

As a business owner, it’s essential to build your brand identity. When there’s brand identity in businesses, they create trust between them and the audience. It makes fans trust the company, subscribe to the email list, and buy more of their products. A study shows that 50% of Instagrammers who buy products or services are as a result of seeing it in the stories.

How to Do Instagram Challenge

There are several ways to do an Instagram challenge. Below are the best ways.

Create a fun challenge

One common thing with the Instagram challenge is that they are all fun. A significant challenge makes fans smile. When creating an Instagram challenge, keep in mind your audience. What do they love? Is the challenge going to make them smile? Are they going to join the challenge? These are some of the things you should consider.

Select  where to launch your challenge on Instagram

Knowing where to tackle your challenge is very vital. Some places to launch your challenge include Stories, Feed, and Reels.

Stories: Stories have various options, including filters, colors, emojis, etc. The downside of it is that it lasts only for 24 hours unless you save in highlights visible on your profile.

Feed: It is a wall where you post videos and pictures. The post never disappears here. You may keep them until the challenge is over or delete them.

Make a Simple challenge

Make it easy and simple in such a way anybody can do it. It will attract more fans to join your challenge. A boring video will make fans leave. It will affect your account, and you may lose it.

Create a hashtag & Call to Action

Create a simple hashtag that fans can memorize. A call to action is a message stating the steps to follow and if they can join you in the challenge. You may also request fans to subscribe to your channel and follow.

Highlight your brand

Please create a logo so that when users visit your challenge, they will know you by your logo. You may also market it for the fan to familiarize themselves with it. Logos are much easy to memorize. Also, it is optimal to post five stories per day. It will help you get to know quickly.

Top 10 Trending Instagram Challenges

Here are our top ten trending Instagram challenges.

#1. Come Here, Girl Trending Instagram Challenge

Come here, and girl challenge is the funniest and most enjoyable Instagram trend with dance and twerk in full swing. Here Instagramers gather their most comic fans and get the start in front of their camera. They will then upload the video, post it to their Instagram account, and get challenges from fans/followers.

#2. The Pillow Trending Instagram Challenge

The Pillow trending Instagram challenge is best for families. The aim is to show the world their inner diva whereby they pull off their dresses made from a pillow. The family makes fun when they get to make dresses from pillows for every family member and match in front of a camera. They will then post it on Instagram to get fun and challenge themselves.

#3. Trending Instagram Dance Challenge

The trending Instagram dance challenge is the number one trending challenge worldwide. With this challenge, there’s no routine. You get on your foot and imitate what other people are doing. You may also change the challenge’s steps and then post it to your fans for them to try. The dance challenge has no age limit. Young babies, teenagers, parents, and or grandpa and ma can perform the challenge too.

#4. Venom Instagram Trending Challenge

Venom’s Instagram trending challenge has become the talk of the town. Unlike other challenges, the Venom challenge is not easy. The fan has to utter the word Venom loudly in front of a camera. In this challenge, you are not to play the song; rather, you’re to say where it comes, when, and say it at that exact moment. You may need to edit the song for your audience to know how well or if you’ve succeeded in performing the challenge.

#5. The Jeffrey Bezos Trending Instagram Challenge

Jeffrey Bezos’s Instagram challenge is trending on TikTok and Instagram. The challenge with this video is introducing yourself via a lyric song. Fans may introduce their family members, pets, and friends using the lyric song. It is the favorite Instagram trend challenge to TikTokers and Instagrammers.

#6. Emoji Makeup Trending Instagram Challenge

You can choose any random number of emojis you like and show your makeup skills by drawing them on your face. You don’t need to paint the emojis literally, but they take inspiration from them for the Emoji face makeup challenge.

#7. Dinero Instagram Trending Challenge

When you log in to your account, you’ll find trending dance reels with the same sound on your feed after two or three posts. Dinero is one of the trending Instagram challenges. The challenge is nice to an extent. It will make you dance, even for those not intending to dance to the challenge.

#8. Don’t Rush Trending Instagram Challenge

It is another trending Instagram challenge best for couples (likes on Instagram post). Don’t Rush challenges that need coordination between your partner and you. The challenge may be jumping up at different times, statues, etc. For the challenge to succeed, you need to coordinate with one another so that the video will capture both of you at the minimum interval time. It may also be some steps in dancing, where one starts and stops, and the next person follows immediately after you stop.

#9. Watermelon Sugar Instagram Trending Challenge

Watermelon Sugar is another perfect challenge for parents with kids. In this challenge, parents take and post a video of the kids portraying a young version of their dad and mom. The sweet videos are trending as the kids try to imitate what their mom and dad do daily.

#10. Pay My Bills  Trending Instagram Challenge

Pay My Bills challenge is a kind of thankful challenge. It is for any person who is grateful to have a person in their life. In this challenge, you have to show your partner love via this kind of sound. All is needed is to perform the steps, download the video, and add why you are thankful while editing your video.

Final Words

There are many trending Instagram challenges you can create on your Instagram account. We’ve compiled the top trending challenges that you can try today, why you need to create one, and how to do it. The challenges are suitable for all ages. They are easy and simple. Choose one that fits your audience.


How do you find new challenges on Instagram?

  • Go to Instagram Stories
  • Select the Sticker Button
  • Choose the challenge sticker.
  • Search for related keywords to a challenge you would like to do
  • Choose the hashtag sticker for the challenge you like
  • Nominate a fan

What is a hashtag challenge?

A hashtag challenge is a simple challenge where participants share a photo with a hashtag. They don’t need to tag you, sign up or follow someone. Here is an example: @johnmayor.

How do you create a hashtag challenge on Instagram?

  • Go to the Instagram app.
  • Tap the camera icon to access the “Stories” section.
  • Select your favorite photo or create a new post.
  • Tap the “Stickers” icon at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Scroll down and then tap “Challenge.”
  • Choose existing challenge
  • Nominate your fan, key in their username in the challenge
  • Tap “Done” when ready to post

What does it mean on Instagram challenge required?

The Instagram challenge required is a standard error on the platform. It happens when Instagram experiences an unsecure connection to its servers. It happens when you attempt to log in from a different phone.

What makes a challenge successful?

Positive emotions will create amusement and excitement. Negative emotions will create sad feelings. A successful challenge should have the perfect emotion to encourage participation, sharing and virality.