Dress Appropriately

Dressing appropriately for the job role is really important when you go for an interview. Take into consideration what the company does and what your job will include. For example, if they are a high-end fashion retailer, impress with some knock-out designer accessories that complete your outfit by adding details like a structured Prada bag or Gucci belts. To know which accessories to go for, get something that is minimalist and chic that will easily put any outfit together, like these Gucci belts.

Unless the company states otherwise and casual dress is required, remember to pick clothing that is smart with a clean finish. Blazer suits are really trending for women this season, and puff sleeve blouses that stand out. Try switching things up by opting for colours that aren’t a traditional black, like soft pastel shades that are currently on-trend or bold animal prints like leopard patterns.

Plan Your Outfit

To make sure you aren’t rushed and causing any risk of looking quickly put together as you empty your wardrobe in search of the ideal little black dress the morning of your interview, plan your whole outfit accordingly. Planning an outfit doesn’t always mean purchasing a whole new outfit; look through what you already have to see if there is anything you can work with. Give yourself a few days to pick the perfect ensemble, trying out a few different options to find exactly what you want. On the day of your interview, give yourself plenty of time to get ready so you remain calm and relaxed and can add any last-minute touches to your outfit. If you have any concerns or questions about the dress code, call up the company a few days prior, to be sure what is required.


A pair of stunning heels is an instant way to impress, and a classic suede stiletto is paired perfectly with any professional outfit. Flat pumps, however, and loafers are bang on trend at the moment, so heels definitely are not essential. Leather loafers with embellished details or pointy toe flats are great for completing your look with a stylish, classy finish. Block heels are typically easier to walk in, so if you want to settle somewhere in the middle, try a chunky block heel. These are particularly stylish in pull-on ankle boot designs, which go extremely well with items like paper bag trousers. 

Hair and Makeup

It is not only your outfit that will impress; your whole look will be completed to perfection with a gorgeous sleek hairstyle and minimal makeup. Makeup definitely is not essential; this depends on whether you prefer to use makeup products or usually don’t use them. If you tend to wear makeup, apply a classic, polished look such as a subtle winged liner paired with a nude coloured lipstick. Try not to let your makeup stand out too much unless the job role is creative and specifically wants to see extravagant makeup skills. Whether you style your hair in a neat bun or let your locks flow in bouncy curls, there are multiple ways to style your hair professionally and smartly for a job interview. Give yourself enough time to wash your hair if necessary on the day of your interview, or wash it the night beforehand and braid it overnight to create natural waves ready for the next day to save time.

Don’t Overdress

Dress in a way that implies you are ready for business and want to be taken seriously. A clean, tidy outfit speaks volumes to the manager doing the interviewing as it says a lot about your character and will create a fabulous first impression.

Be Comfortable

Of course, you want to look your best. This can be achieved while also being comfortable so that your interview will go as smoothly as possible. Don’t pick anything that is too tight-fitted and be cautious of short skirts that could cause any clothing mishaps. Being entirely comfortable and at ease in the clothing you are wearing will cause your confidence to shine much brighter.

Overall, the most important thing to consider when dressing for your interview is that you look smart, approachable, and professional. Display your character and personality with accessories, but remember not to overdo it. Minimalistic outfit choices go a long way at interviews and will ensure good feedback on how you present yourself.