It was in Hatton Garden that Rex Ekaireb was able to start his journey to career success and build an enviably successful business. The business, under Ekaireb’s stewardship progressed and thrived over the subsequent years. After barely a few years, he was able to sell the company to a very interested and very large publicly listed company in the UK. seeing the potential growth and success of this Hatton Garden Business, the public company sought to grow it further.

They kept Rex on the board and advising the large company on growing the business and securing future success, they grew to become a major wholesale jeweller. So well renowned was the business that by 1989-1990, it was one of the largest suppliers of wedding rings to Argos, the major UK brand and retailer.

Wisely, Rex Ekaireb left the business in the early 1990s in 1992 while the jewellery industry and indeed the business itself were both in a very healthy and profitable stage. He moved to a more family orientated business, still in the jewellery business as his next venture. On Rex’s advice, the Ekaireb family business bought properties as buy to let investments throughout London, including in areas such as Hatton Garden and Knightsbridge. By 2006, Rex Ekaireb’s sole focus was the property industry and the property business he and his family had been investing in and building up. Rex, acting in his capacity as an advisor helped grow the business further and further.

Moving into Charity: Rex Ekaireb’s Passion for Helping

Having moved away from the business world in its entirety for some time, Rex has dedicated himself to a number of notable and well-regarded charities in the UK as well as further afield. This has led him to majorly helping the likes of the British Red Cross, Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and the United Nations (UN) round Europe and around the world.

Always staying true to his humble beginnings, Rex Ekaireb has an admirable drive to help the most vulnerable and the youngest in societies across the world. His firm belief is that without as stable an upbringing as possible, children are held back from achieving their true potential. Thus, he works tirelessly with the UN to help secure the release of many of the countless political prisoners throughout Easter Europe in particular.

Without one or both of their parents, the children of these prisoners are simply unable to thrive as all children in the world should be able to and this drives Ekaireb to helping them as much as he can.

In recent years, Rex has also donated hundreds of toys to London’s well-known and respected Great Ormond Street Hospital when they needed soft toys for the young patients there. Ekaireb personally delivered over 200 toys to the hospital with very short notice, something the hospital was delighted with.

Helping the needy is something many people talk about, particularly in recent times with so many people on furlough and finding themselves in difficulty times. It is for some people, something a fanfare is made of for those who wish for the accolades. For Rex Ekaireb however, the rewards are the pleasure of knowing that every family and every child he has helped has been given a life chance they simply may never have otherwise have had.