Being self-employed is hard work, but one big freedom is being able to work anywhere. Depending on the nature of your business, it could involve a lot of travel too. If you’re considering going freelance or starting your own business, here are some of the best choices which involve travel.

Travel writer or photographer

If you already have a passion for travel and some experience of writing about the places you’ve visited, ideally in a way that most tourists don’t get to see, you could become a freelance writer by pitching your travel stories to different publications. Then, with a big enough following, you can monetize your own blog. How much you earn can depend on how many articles you are commissioned to write and your following.

Alternatively, you may be able to earn more for selling the accompanying photographs, or if you prefer to stick to photography alone, you could sell your unique travel photographs to accompany other people’s articles.

If you’re successful, you may earn enough to cover your travel and living costs, but like most things in life, it will take work. While you’re busy building up a successful niche, you can create an invoice instantly, to make getting paid as straightforward as possible. Every freelancer and self-employed individual knows how frustrating invoicing can be especially when those invoices aren’t getting paid on time. By using professional invoice template software, you can create dozens of eye-catching and accurate invoices that won’t just save you time, but also help you get paid faster.


If you’re a natural storyteller and always make people laugh with your anecdotes, or you have a talent for singing or a unique way of entertaining people, you can perform in any place where the audience speaks the same language as you. If you’re multilingual, this increases your options significantly.

You’ll have to start locally, but once you start to build up a showreel and an impressive resume of performances, you may be booked for larger venues with bigger audiences. Over time, this increases your options and can lead to performing abroad.

Housekeeper or nanny

If you have significant paid or unpaid experience in housekeeping or childcare, you could become a self-employed housekeeper or nanny. You’ll go wherever you are needed, and if you match what families are looking for, you could have the option to work abroad and your pick of locations.

Again, it helps to speak the local language, but a language course can be considered an investment.

Tour guide

If you have extensive experience of travelling and seeing the different sides of places which people rarely uncover, you might make a sought-after travel guide. You will be paid to share your knowledge with tourists and those looking to learn about the local culture.

You will need great communication skills and a broad knowledge of the local area you want to work in. As you become more experienced, you can expect the pay to reflect this. The more countries you travel to and learn about, the more choices you’ll have about where to work as a freelance tour guide.

Travel doesn’t have to be a distant dream, and if you combine it with being self-employed, you can earn money to fund your travel and living costs.