Anna McGrath 28, from England So, what’s your job? I’m a temp – I’m in Australia on a Working Holiday visa. I’m currently on my second placement with a mid-tier firm in Sydney CBD.

Why legal matters in Oz? I really wanted to get a broad overview of the law and legal practice over here. I practised law in England and wanted to get an idea of the differences. My boyfriend is Australian and we may potentially settle over here. I wanted to find out first hand what it would be like.

How did you land this job? I saw an advert in TNT Magazine. Most temporary positions are advertised through agencies, so it made sense to contact one. I chose Law Staff as I specifically wanted legal work. Within hours of my appointment I had a placement.

How’s the pay? The pay is very good. It’s comparable with salaries for legal secretaries in England.

Best points about your job? For me, apart from the legal experience, it’s great to meet so many new people. That is important to me, being new to the country and the Sydney area. There is also the added flexibility of temping.

Any bad points? It can be a little nerve-wracking starting a new placement, as with starting any new job. Having said that, everyone I have met has been so friendly and welcoming, the nerves soon go.

What was your job back home? I was a legal executive. I practised in family law in a small firm in Birmingham.

How does Oz compare? For a start, working in Sydney is amazing. It’s such a vibrant city and I love it. The work is obviously very different and varied. Day-to-day office life is quite similar though. The transition hasn’t been difficult at all. It’s also extremely nice to actually see sunshine in your lunch hour rather than rain!

Is sponsorship an option? Potentially, yes. One of my current colleagues has been sponsored following a temporary contract.

Any job-hunting tips? Make the most of time with your new colleagues. Ask them about places to visit; they will know the best places to go and see, as they are locals. Always say yes to after-work drinks, you will get to know people much better. Be nice, they may ask you back!