Amy Matthews
25, UK

What made you decide to work in Australia?

I worked in childcare for seven years in the UK and wanted to work in[Australia], so I thought I would use my skills and education in childcare.

How did you land your new job?

Word of mouth really. I sent an email to one of the education consultants and arranged an interview in[Sydney].

And what exactly is it that you do now?

I work as a Nursery Nurse in a childcare centre located in the city centre.

What job did you have back home?

I worked as a nanny before heading to Sydney.

How does teaching in Australia compare to back home?

It’s pretty much the same as the UK.

How long do you plan to work in Australia for?

I am planning on working for one year on my Working Holiday Visa. Due to my visa restrictions I can only work for six months under one roof, but I can work for a total of one year.

Where have you travelled and worked so far, and what is your next destination?

I flew straight to Sydney and I have worked here for two months so far. I am planning a trip to[Brisbane] over Christmas.

How’s the pay?

I earn $25 per hour, which I’m pretty happy about.

What are the good points about your new job?

Childcare is a fun way to spend your Working Holiday Visa. It is a fun job in a relaxed atmosphere. And I really like the fact that I can afford to work only four days a week! I’m not stuck in an office either.[Search live jobs now]