Stuart Rawling 20, UK What made you decide to come and work in Australia? I was bored of the rat race in the UK and I wanted a fresh start, and so I decided to give Australia a try.

How did you land your new job in Australia? A Canadian guy who was staying at the same backpackers as me was working at Face2Face Global. He told me to come in and meet the manager, and I got a job with them right away.

And what exactly is it that you do now? I’m a Team Leader for a sales and marketing company. I’m involved with training new recruits and teaching them how to sell.

What are you planning to do with the money you earn from this job? Finish the rest of my travels around the world, and hopefully save enough money to open up my own office in the UK.

Where have you travelled so far, and where are you heading next? I’ve travelled around America, Canada and New Zealand and I’m planning to go to Singapore, Thailand, Egypt, India and South Africa next.

Any memorable moments at your new job? I was selected for an all-expenses paid road trip to Adelaide after just two weeks with the company.

What are the good points about your new job? I’ve got heaps of new friends from not only Australia, but from all over the world. I get to travel and earn money at the same time (so far I’ve seen Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney through work). The work is usually in a very social and casual environment, and there are plenty of chances to get a good feel of Australian culture.

And are there any bad points? It’s sometimes hard work, but it’s definitely worth it.

How’s the pay? Fantastic! I love the uncapped earning potential.

What advice can you give to other travellers considering your job? You’ve got to be friendly, enthusiastic and willing to have a go!