It would seem that smoke-free hotels are on the rise, with thousands of hotels and hotel chains adopting a 100% smoke-free policy. Why? Because nobody wants a smoking room, even smokers! Smoking creates a lasting stink inside a hotel room, can damage walls and other surfaces, and ultimately just costs the hotel more money in cleanup and repair costs. Plus, who wants to smell stale cigarettes while they smoke?

Third-hand smoke is also an issue. This is smoke is the residue that develops on surfaces indoors. This can linger for months or even years if it’s not cleaned up properly and can cause its own share of health complications for those exposed to it. There’s a certain liability nowadays that comes with allowing smokers to utilize indoor facilities for their habit. Even workplaces are banning smoking among employees to avoid liability lawsuits should a co-worker develop smoking-related issues.

If you’re a newly-quit smoker, these six hotel chains are 100% smoke-free. Whether you’re just getting away for the weekend or spending a week in beautiful Tampa Bay, these hotel chains will provide excellent hospitality without the smell of stale cigarettes to worry about. You can still bring your non tobacco chew or CBD products with you, should you choose, but no cigarettes!

1. Marriott

With around 2,300 locations throughout the US, Marriott is one of the largest hotel chains in the country. Comfortable, affordable, and leisurely, the Marriott offers a world-class hospitality experience without the dangers of third-hand smoke from other patrons. Marriott is 100% smoke-free!

Relax in comfort wherever you are with Marriott. The company’s smoke free policy covers cigarettes, cigars, and other smoked tobacco products. In some cases, the policy also covers vape pens, which use a cartridge but still emit an odor and contain chemicals that may be toxic to other guests.

2. Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz is known for its luxury hotels and resorts, and as one of the nation’s largest chains, it’s become something of an icon in major cities. Of course, being an iconic hotel comes with the responsibility of maintaining a safe, healthy environment for guests, which means implementing a no-smoking policy. With over 100 years of history, the Ritz maintains its excellent reputation by listening closely to feedback from patrons and taking an interest in public health and safety standards. You won’t find any smoking rooms at the Ritz, but you’ll find luxury, comfort, and one of the best hotel experiences that money can buy.

Newly-quit smokers will appreciate these luxury hotels and resorts, free of any temptation, third-hand smoke, or the smell of old cigarettes. The Ritz is the gold standard of hotels, after all.

3. Sheraton & Four Points

Sheraton Suites and Four Points By Sheraton are both smoke free hotels. With more than 300 hotels in North America and the Caribbean, Sheraton is a well-known and well-respected chain whose decision to implement a smoke-free policy was well-received by customers. The decision was made back in 2008, but the company has benefited since then.

Customers can expect the same comfort and luxury that Sheraton has to offer, minus the risk of third-hand smoke. If you’re going on vacation, choose Sheraton Suites for a comfortable and affordable hospitality experience.

4. Limited Smoke Free Hilton Locations

The Hilton brand of hotels is one of the most profitable hotel chains in the country, with thousands of locations and employees and several different options. Recently, Canopy and Tru (both Hilton brands) have implemented 100% smoke free policies. This doesn’t apply to DoubleTree or Embassy suites, however.

Hilton hotels still offer a luxurious and relaxing hotel experience, despite the lack of smoke free rooms in their premier hotel brands. Hilton hotels also fall under some of the most affordable and comfortable hotels, so you’ll enjoy your stay as much as the trip itself.

5. Comfort Inn

If you’re looking for a comfortable but affordable hotel option, Comfort Inn can provide. With a smoke free policy that’ll keep you happy and healthy, some of the best rates you’ll find, and a great hospitality record, Comfort Inn is your go-to for quick trips or longer stays.

6. Wyndham

If you’ve ever searched for a hotel, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Wyndham. The international brand has hotels across dozens of countries, several continents, and some of the most luxurious and relaxing suites money can buy.

Wyndham also implemented a smoke free policy to keep its guest safe and happy during their stay at any of their resorts/hotels. Each hotel offers WiFi, breakfast, and more amenities to make your stay a memorable one!


Freshly-quit smokers will love these six hotel chains. None of them offer smoking rooms, and they provide world-class hospitality at great prices. The next time you’re traveling, consider out top picks!