Learn What to Expect When Flying By Private Jet

The experience of flying via a private jet is worlds apart from being on a commercial flight.

You may have flown on domestic and international flights many times, but each trip was on a larger plane through a commercial airline. When you take private charter flights, you are traveling on a smaller aircraft in a much different way.

Not only is the experience more premium, but there are subtle differences you should know about before your trip.

Below is a detailed guide on what to expect when you charter a flight for those who have never been on a private jet.

Flexible Departures

A significant advantage of traveling by private jet is that your departure time is not set in stone. You can book the plane for a specific day, and if the flight is relatively short, you can adjust the departure time with reasonable notice without any additional charges.

Say you are planning to leave at 9 am, but you are slightly delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Perhaps you are going on a business trip, but you must meet a client locally before you can leave. You can call the private jet company, and ask them to adjust the departure time to 11 am; this would not be a significant issue.

If you are traveling a longer distance, then you may have to stick to the departure time, as your jet rental is only for that day or a portion of the day.

Arrival Time

Many customers of private jet services do not realize they can arrive at the airport very close to their flight’s departure time. You are not going on a commercial plane, so you do not have to get there an hour or two before your flight is planning to leave.

Even if you are at the airport 15 minutes before the flight’s intended departure, you will take off at the proper time with no problems. Security takes a lot less time when you are flying privately, and some private jet companies allow you to fly out of smaller, much less busy airports.

If you are arriving early, you may want to inform the company, and they can ensure the plane is ready for you. The flight will not leave until its departure time, but you can relax on the plane with some champagne before take-off.

Personalized Service

The purpose of a private jet is not only to ensure that you are flying privately but that you have a luxurious and enjoyable time. If you have to make last-minute adjustments to your itinerary, all you have to do is call ahead or tell your pilot before the flight departs.

You can also put in a request for specific snacks, beverages, and meals during the flight. If your trip is only one or two hours, a full meal is not usually served, but you can get all the snacks you want. Longer flights include meals, and you can expect great food when flying privately.

Private Transfers

When you arrive at your destination on a private jet, the company arranges transportation to get you to your hotel, home, or any other location you need to visit. Depending on your preference, you are driven by a chauffeur in a limousine or luxury sedan.

Such a manner of traveling is the easiest and most relaxing way to take a trip. Whether you are flying on a family vacation or for business, you can enjoy the experience in the most luxurious way possible.

Experience Luxury

Chartering a private plane for a domestic or international flight is all about luxury. You have the chance to fly in a way that very few people get to enjoy.

Five or ten years ago, private jets were only an option for the very rich, executives, athletes, models, or actors. They are a lot more affordable in 2022, and prices are continuing to trend downward.

If you are planning a large family trip and intend to fly business or first class, chartering a plane is likely a much better option. Not only do you get privacy and a more comfortable trip, but the price difference is not significant if you would have to buy five or six airline tickets.

Hire a private jet and experience flying in the best possible way.