She will compete in the sitting volleyball competition after the national team qualified for the Paralympics.

Wright, from Hertfordshire, was one of the final commuters pulled from the wreckage of the Tube carriage at Aldgate, in 2005.

The 39-year-old lost 75 per cent of her blood before being rescued by off-duty police officer Elizabeth Kenworthy.

She then had to undergo major operations for nine months, before learning to walk again at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Roehampton.

Talking to ITV News on Wednesday, she said she had been one of the “lucky ones”.

“If you’d said to me 10 years ago: ‘Martine, by the way, you’re going to become an elite sportswoman who is going to maybe take part in the pinnacle of all events, you know the Olympics, the Paralympics’, I would have told you that you were absolutely mad,” she said.