London-based charity Street Child is launching its ‘Pass the Presents’ campaign – asking us to make a gift that is guaranteed to be worthwhile – to support thousands of children in West Africa orphaned by the Ebola crisis.

Ask yourself, do you even remember what you got for Christmas last year? Probably not… Street Child’s Pass the Presents campaign urges people to avoid those unwanted pressies by not giving (or asking not to receive) a gift; and instead donating the equivalent amount to Street Child’s Ebola Orphan Appeal.

“Instead of receiving yet another pair of unwanted slippers from your auntie, ask her to log on to and choose not to buy the slippers,” says Street Child’s communications director, Martin Forsyth. “By donating to our Ebola Orphan Appeal instead, visitors to the site can help Street Child transform the lives of children orphaned by Ebola.”   

Visitors to the site can learn what the equivalent of buying those slippers would do to help an Ebola orphan in West Africa, putting into real terms the true price of making long-lasting change. Visitors to the site can then donate the cost of the present and download a Pass the Presents Certificate to give to their loved one on Christmas Day. 

There is a range of virtual gifts available not to buy at Not buying your Nan those smellies is enough to provide an Ebola prevention kit; whilst not giving your Dad that scratchy Christmas jumper donates enough to provide an Ebola Orphan with a mattress.

To help Street Child support children orphaned by Ebola this Christmas, visit and choose to pass your present on to a child who has lost everything this year.

After all: it’s the thought that counts.