The website MyJoyOnline reported that the double-domed, two-toned lamb was born next to Sackious Ventures, a spare parts and general goods dealer… Which upon reflection seems like utterly irrelevant information.

Indeed the only person on Earth who seems even remotely interested in this story is American television personality and all around weirdo Todd Ray, who apparently has his own show called ‘Freakshow’ on cable.

Ray also has the debatable distinction of owning the world’s largest collection of two headed, stomach churning, eye watering animals verified by the Guinness Book of World Records

His horrible collection includes a two-headed goat, a two-headed chicken and two living two headed-six legged bearded dragons… Whatever the fuck that means. 

Ray had some advice for whoever it is lays claim to the two headed lamb, saying: “People often try to feed both mouths, but one may not have a functioning throat or it may have an obstruction, If one head seems more capable, feed that one because there’s only one stomach.”

That’s some great advice there, Ray. You’re a gem!

Image: MyJoyOnline