Heather McCartney, from Scotland, told Triple M in Melbourne she danced in her birthday suit after a “silly bet”. 

“I guess I got a bit carried away with all the free alcohol in the box,” McCartney told Triple M Melbourne’s The Hot Breakfast.

“Everyone was making silly bets on the day so I thought I’d just up the ranks and go, ‘Well, I’ll get naked.’

“I don’t regret it but I’m sorry for offending anyone.

“It was a silly thing to do, I guess, and I can see how it’s been blown out of proportion, but I had a great time.”

McCartney got free tickets the day of the match and after being arrested at the MCG she spent the night in custody before being fined $300 and released.

The 26-year-old denies claims she kicked and punched police. 

“The people (in the boxes around her) didn’t seem to be that annoyed,” she told Triple M.

Image via Twitter