According to prosecutors, the students have exchanged 20,000 text messages, 25 pictures and a video since the beginning of March and even met in secret. It is also alleged the two had sex as recently as July.

The withdrawal of the plea deal means the 19-year-old could once again face a jail term and become a registered sex offender.

Ms Hunt was detained at Indian River County Jail on Monday evening. A hearing scheduled for Tuesday afternoon will determine whether Hunt will be sent back to jail because of the violations, WPTV reported.

It is believed the girls contacted each other through an iPod Hunt smuggled to her girlfriend.

Court documents accuse her of “covertly contacting her victim thousands of times” and even of telling her to “keep the fuck quiet” about it, reported the Daily Mail.

Upon finding out about the contact, Ms Hunt’s mother, Kelley Hunt Smith, had tried to help her daughter cover her tracks.

“Delete EVERYTHING,” Smith said in a text message to the alleged victim. “PLEASE delete everything and make sure NO ONE finds out you’ve spoken to Kate at all.”

Hunt was originally charged with lewd and lascivious battery and jailed in February but was released after posting a $5000 bond. If convicted, she could face 15 years in jail.

It is likely she will now face additional charges.

An online petition to drop the charges against the teenager has received almost 320,000 signatures since May. 

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