Ancestry & tier 5 visa question

Q: I think I am eligible for the ancestry visa as I have a grandmother who was born in England, except it is proving a bit difficult to convince her I need the original certificate as she is only willing to give me a notarised copy, which I am aware is not acceptable. Is there anyway for me to apply to Births Deaths and Marriages to apply for a new original copy? Also, what’s the difference between the ancestry visa and the tier 5 visa?

A: You can apply to the General Register Office in the UK for a new birth certificate which will be suitable for the purposes of an ancestry visa application. The processing times of the tier 5 (youth mobility scheme) visa and ancestry visa are usually similar. Ancestry visas allow unrestricted employment for five years and can lead to settlement and eventual citizenship in the UK whereas you would need to leave after the two-year expiry of the tier 5 visa. Please be aware you cannot, once in the UK, then switch to an ancestry visa. You would have to return to your home country to apply and then re-enter the UK on your new visa, if granted.

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