The first contestant to be fired from The Apprentice 2011 was Edward Hunter who was booted from the boardroom with a point of Lord Alan Sugar’s pudgy finger.

Hunter, 25, has admitted he came across badly on last night’s show but said that he could have made Lord Sugar “millions” had he been given the chance.

Sugar, however, didn’t feel inclined to give Hunter such, telling him: “You said on your résumé – ‘I’m Lord Sugar’s dream’.

“With the greatest of respect you’ve been a bit of a nightmare, and for that reason – you’re fired!”

Hunter left The Apprentice boardroom giving Sugar a scowl which he today defended as a piece of “acting”.

“That was just all a bit of drama, it was put on really. That’s what they want when they take you on the show though isn’t it? You couldn’t pay for that look I gave him – it was great acting,” he said.

“They wanted drama, and that’s what I gave them.”

Hunter was appointed project manager for the boys’ team whose task was soup making.

A classic Apprentice moment came when he declared: “Let’s make soup like we’ve never made it before!”

At which point one of his team-mates reminded him that none of them had!

And it showed.

So long Edward Hunter!


Image: BBC/Talkback Thames.