Day one:

Visit Arcachon Bay

Arcachon, 55km south-west of Bordeaux, was once a luxury resort that attracted Spanish royalty, Russian dukes and artists from across Europe.

Today it attracts day-trippers, sailors and windsurfers, and cyclists and walkers exploring the nearby pine forests.

Day two:  

Hike the Pyrenees 

Straddling the French-Spanish border, the Pyrenees stretch from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

The GR10 route will take you east to west (or vice versa).

There are also plenty of day walks and overnight treks with stops at mountain refuges or in small villages.

Day three: 

The other Bordeaux

Bordeaux is so synonymous with wine that people often forget the famous name not only represents a fine wine region, but also a fine city.

Its Unesco World Heritage-listed streets of classical and neoclassical architecture are largely pedestrianised, while the frontage along the River Garonne is a great place for in-line skating or cycling