However, the party have been left looking a little silly after it came to light that they’d been printing anti-EU leaflets in Germany.

Ukip has blamed the internet for its latest gaffe, and claimed that ordering things online makes it difficult to know where they’re made.

According to the Daily Mail, Ukip member Colin Botterill, who placed the order for the leaflets, said he only found out they were from Germany when he made a phone call to chase the order.

“I was a bit disappointed. This is the problem with the internet, you don’t necessarily know where things are coming from,” he said.

This is the latest in a long line of embarrassments that Ukip have faced in the run up to the European Elections; recently, it was revealed they used an Irish actor to represent a British builder who was out of a job due to immigration, and Mr Farage faced accusations of hypocrisy when it was revealed he had employed his German wife as his secretary.

Image credit: Getty