Arizona newlyweds Gus and Jennifer Luna endured a stormy start to their marriage – quite literally.

The couple thought they were among the lucky people when they were greeted with a beautiful day, bathed in sunshine for their nuptials last month.

But the ceremony took a disastrous turn when a dust storm hit, covering everyone in attendance in dust and sand and almost blowing the until-then happy couple away.

“I looked up and you could see my face when I saw the wall of dust. I knew we were going to get hammered,” Gus told ABC:

“You see the trees swaying in the back and you see nothing after a while. I was thinking “let’s get it over with”. God. We’re eating a mouthful of dirt and everything.”

Ironically, their nuptials included a sand ceremony – in which they pour two separate bottles of sand into one bottle to symbolize the union of two lives and families – and they were just at this part when the storm blew in.

In the video, Gus is seen looking shocked and concerned when he realises what is heading their way.

Within seconds, Jennifer is struggling to keep her veil on and her dress down and the judge presiding over the ceremony struggles to finish.

As soon as he pronounces them husband and wife, they briefly kiss and then run for cover.