There’s one more thing: He’s also good for a loan.

Forbes magazine on Tuesday released its annual Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actors list and Jackman banked an estimated $US55 million ($A60.67 million) in the past 12 months.

“A lot of that money comes from his work as Wolverine in the X-Men films,” Forbes said.

The musical Les Miserables, which Jackman earned a best actor Oscar nomination, also added to his fortune with the movie costing just $US61 million to make but earning $US438 million at the worldwide box office.

While Jackman’s annual salary is equivalent to a mega lottery prize, it only leaves the 44-year-old Sydney-raised actor in the number three slot on Forbes’ list.

The cash king of Hollywood is Robert Downey Jr, who earned an estimated $US75 million the past year thanks to his mega hits playing industrialist-super hero Tony Stark in The Avengers and Iron Man 3.

The films earned more than a $US1 billion each.

Downey Jr’s rise to the top of Hollywood is worthy of its own biopic, with studios just a decade ago not willing to hire him because he was considered too much of a risk after battling drug addiction and failed rehab stints.

Another Hollywood stud, Channing Tatum, pipped Jackman for Forbes’ number two spot.

Tatum’s $US60 million in earnings largely came from his astute decision to co-finance his male stripper film, Magic Mike, with director Steven Soderbergh.

Magic Mike cost $US7 million to make and brought in $US167 million, with a large chunk of the profits landing in Tatum’s bank account.

There’s also talk of a Magic Mike Broadway musical, a line of bars and a sequel.

Mark Wahlberg, thanks to his foul-mouthed teddy bear comedy Ted costing $50 million but earning a surprise $US550 million, handed him the number four spot with $US52 million in earnings for the year.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a big bank balance to match his big biceps with $US46 million in earnings for the year, with Fast & the Furious 6’s $US695 million global box office haul giving him the number five slot.

Rounding out the top 10 were Leonardo DiCaprio ($US39 million), Adam Sandler ($US37 million), Tom Cruise ($US35 million), Denzel Washington ($US33 million) and Liam Neeson $US32 million.


1. Robert Downey Jr ($US75 million)
2. Channing Tatum ($US60 million)
3. Hugh Jackman ($US55 million)
4. Mark Wahlberg ($US52 million)
5. Dwayne Johnson ($US46 million)
6. Leonardo DiCaprio ($US39 million)
7. Adam Sandler ($US37 million)
8. Tom Cruise ($US35 million)
9. Denzel Washington ($US33 million)
10. Liam Neeson ($US32 million)

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