A British mechanic who was advertising Aussie car spray “Start Ya Bastard” on his van has been told that unless he covers up the sign, he’ll be in trouble with the law.

The product, which hit UK shores back in 2009, is designed to start ‘problem engines’ and is made by Nulon, one of Australia’s leading motor oil and lubricant companies.

Nick Palmer, who was selling bottles of the start-up spray, painted the brand name on his van in 15cm sized letters to let customers know he was stocking the product.

However, Palmer has now been told by police that the promotion can cause offense and that the advert has to be taken off his van – or he could face prosecution. 

 “I was staggered – I never dreamt anyone could be offended but they said if it wasn’t covered up I would be committing a public order offence and action would be taken against me,” Palmer told the Metro.

“It did cross my mind they might have something better to do, like catching the yobs who cause a lot of anti-social nuisance and chuck eggs at my house.”

Meanwhile, Hampshire police stood fully behind their decision: ‘If a complaint were to be received it could be regarded as an offence.”

However, Palmer does not see eye to eye with the law keepers.

“There is worse seen in public every day – I can’t understand all the fuss,” the mechanic said.

So what do you think – does the advert offend?


– Inger Smith