The floodwaters in the Australian state of Victoria continue to rise, with water levels expected to peak today Tuesday.

“We know many communities are anxiously waiting as floodwaters rise and many townships across Victoria have already been impacted by floodwaters,” Prime Minister Julia Gillard said.

“We also know that a small boy is missing, and so these are very difficult times in Victoria,” she continued.

Victoria prepares for the floods

Brisbane flood evacuation

The eight-year boy fell into a flooded waterhole close to the town of Shepperton and search and rescue teams later found his lifeless body in the waters.

The residents of Horsham, one of the Victorian towns most under threat, was trying to protect their village by stacking up sandbags.

Horsham Mayor Michael Ryan said: “You can’t control nature totally, but I think to the extent we had about three or four days’ warning and we have an experienced emergency team, I think we’re going as well as we can” .

Although, the residents of Horsham have had some time to prepare, the expected flood waters are bound to bring destruction to the town.

An emergency officer warned: “We are expecting to see the peak maximum flood levels today and inundation will come with that.”

“Significant inundation of properties is currently being experienced with water up to 1m (3ft) deep in some areas.”

More than 3500 people in the north-central part of Victoria have evacuated their homes due to the floods.