An Australian man has been banned from driving for ten months after riding a motorized beer cooler drunk.

23-year-old Chris Petrie was three times over the legal limit when he was discovered riding the motorised cooler around Noosa, which he bought online for $600.

The cooler has a 50cc two stroke engine and a top speed of 10 miles per hour.

He said: “You can do all sorts, you can do wheelies, you can stand on it. We like to have a bit of a giggle and thought this would be fun.

“A few drinks led into a few more. By the time we’d built it, it was quite late so we thought we’d go for a bit of a test run.”

But he police saw him riding along just before midnight.

Today he was convicted for drink driving and driving without a license, fined $500 and banned from driving for ten months.

But the judge did see the funny side, asking if the cooler was fully loaded – he said it was packed with cans of bundy and coke.

See him in action here: