The first of it’s kind ‘Avo-Brunch Pop-Up which, launches on 10 April  and then again on 8 May, will be celebrating the brilliance of the green fruit with a five course avocado inspired brunch menu for guests to experience, with avocado cocktails and a DJ for post brunch entertainment.

The series is hosted in conjunction with #whirlpoolfoodies which, focuses on celebrating the food we love by creating unique and signature menu’s around speciality foods will feature upcoming chefs at varying creative locations across London. 

The avocado inspired menu will include a play on the flavours and Avocado gazpacho, avocado salsa, deep-fried avocado, Avocado macarons and more.

Meredith O’Shaughnessy who has created some of London’s most fun and fabulous experiences pop ups including Dirty Laundry, Broken Hearts and Promises, says: “The avocado is the coolest fruit in town right now for foodie lovers, so It seemed like a very obvious idea for me to create a pop-up which rejoices the deep affection so many people have for them – I’m super excited to welcome our first guests and for them to sample the amazing food on offer.” 

As well as the five-course avocado tasting menu guests will be welcomed with an avocado margarita on arrival to the late Sunday brunch…In addition everyone who attends will received a grow your own avocado kit to take home. 

For more information on the avocado pop-up or to purchase tickets, please please visit: brunch-club