United States president Barack Obama used the web and social media to announce his campaign to the seek re-election in the 2012.

Obama today released a video via his website and Facebook announcing his attention to seek a second term as the world’s most powerful man.

The internationally popular president has an online network of millions of Americans and his
web campaign was widely seen as a key part of his election success in

“We’re doing this now because the politics we believe in does not start with expensive TV ads or extravaganzas, but with you – with people organizing block-by-block, talking to neighbours, co-workers and friends, and that kind of campaign takes time to build,” Obama wrote in his email to his millions of supporters.

In the minutes after the announcement, his Facebook page was swamped with comments –  a mixture of positive and negative.

Nneka Roninson messaged to say: “Yes, Mr. President, you have my vote in 2012. Thanks for the hope and progress you’ve lead our nation in!! Great work!”

Jamebo Ph told Barack Obama: “Show
us you’ll stick to your promises and you might get my vote.

“Get us OUT
of the Middle East/North Africa and let’s get started on clean energy!
Instead of paying people to invade other countries, why not pay them to
make our energy system more independent, sustainable, and clean? “Green
jobs” should still be a big thing and you should make it a BIG thing,
not just a ploy.”

Mvusiwekhava Sicwetscha wrote: “Some
of the people who voted for you will not do that again because they
feel you let them down.

“I would also not vote for you because you
really did less of what you promised. Its a shame that you promised
something and you did not honour your promise to the Americans.

Royce Hohn, of South Dakota, wrote: “i’m
in IF we get out of afghanistan this year,start makeing the rich pay
there fair share of taxes,stop trying to please the republican party
for all they want is to see everything you have done FAIL,take all the
money that is being wasted in or on forgin countries used here with
exceptions like japan they need our help,quite arming forigen people
for all that happens is we end up haveing our soliders killed with our

Jean James said she was supporting Barack Obama only because the alternatives were not good enough: “You
will have my vote Mr. President, but not my support.

“The only reason I
will vote for you is because we cannot afford to have Pawlenty, Palin
or Bachmann get that job, not because you are going a good job. And no,
I could not do a better job, but then I didn’t apply for it.”

And Merid Mersha Belachew wished they could have some input: “Mr.
President, since you decisions affects almost all people in the world,
including me in Africa, don’t you think i should have a say in your
vote? What do you think?

A number of Republican presidential hopefuls are expected to seek the nomination to run against Obama.

Right now, Tim Pawlenty, the former governor of Minnesota, is the
only leading candidate to have formally declared his candidacy.