Hello BEASTS, How are you today? 

We’re terrific, thanks. It’s that sort of alpine climate in London at the moment — biting cold, but beautiful light. As the old saying goes, it’s perfect sketch comedy weather.

You’ve been performing in Edinburgh and London together for a few years now, how did it all start?

Owen and Ciaran met when they were studying, and they picked up James along the way like a piece of chewing gum irrevocably attached to a trainer. Back then, we were three men with nothing but a dream, a polo neck, and a joke about a man with an eye-patch. Incredibly, that has carried us through nearly four years together. 

You’ve been getting lots of great reviews – what do you think makes you stand out from other sketch groups?

We guess comedy has just been waiting and waiting for some middle-class white guys to come along, and we’ve finally filled the void.

Your new show ‘Live DVD’ comes to the Soho Theatre next week – what can audiences expect?

A chaotic cocktail of sketches, songs and plenty of bread. The show is about us attempting to film a DVD of our best ever sketch show, which we intend to dispatch to Hollywood to help us achieve fame and world domination.

So, will we be able to buy this DVD for our friends and families next Christmas?

Afraid not. Spoiler alert: the filming does not go entirely to plan.

What’s next for BEASTS?

We’re currently working on a new live show as well as developing some ideas for television, so fingers crossed you’ll be seeing plenty of us in 2016.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers today?

Just the rumour that one lucky person who buys a ticket to our Soho show will win a live unicorn. (NB. This is a rumour and can not be substantiated)

Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, London

Monday 25 January – Saturday 30 January, £10 previews or £12.50 standard admission.