He seems to have only had the assistance of his younger brother, yet was prepared to kill for a cause that remains largely unarticulated, reports The Guardian.

Tsarnaev has become the focus of a global FBI investigation into whether any organised group or wider conspiracy lay behind last week’s Boston Marathon bombings, but so far there’s no evidence to suggest this.

Nothing concrete seems to suggest the brothers were inspired to militancy by any particular extremist cleric or politician. Nor is there any known link to any nationalist or Islamist group in the Caucasus region.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev appears to have largely provided his own motivation and training, through the internet. This is cause for concern for counter-terrorism groups, as the plans of ‘lone wolves’ are far more difficult to detect.

“If there is a link to a terrorist organisation, the probability of them being detected is much higher. The same applies for homegrown terrorism – the more people are involved the more likely they will be detected,” said Marc Sageman, a former CIA operations officer who acts as a consultant on political violence to several US government branches.

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