Britain’s rate of violent crime and murder has fallen more rapidly than any other country in Western Europe, according to The UK Peace Index.

Since 2003 the murder rate has dropped by half in the UK – and though many people live in fear of potential violence, the figures showed ’17 per cent of Britons think they will be a victim of a violent crime, but less than 4 per cent will experience violent crime.’

Leading the UK’s battle for love and peace is Broadland in Norfolk, named the most peaceful area in the country.

Sadly, London’s borough of Lewisham has been named the most violent place in Britain with a murder rate of 2 and a half times the national average. In fact, the 17 most violent areas of the UK were all boroughs of London.

Cardiff in Wales has been named the most peaceful urban area.

PM David Cameron tweeted: “Much still to do – but great to hear violent crime falling faster in the UK than anywhere in Western Europe.”

Incidents of violence reportedly cost the UK £124 billion in 2012.