The show’s host, German supermodel Heidi Klum looked completely baffled when the women, reportedly avid supporters of Ukrainian protest group FEMEN, stormed the stage during the finale. 

One of the two woman (who, if the photos are to be believed, is in remarkably good nick) had the words “Heidi Horror Picture Show” daubed in black ink across her chest and stomach.

Quite what that means is beyond me. I was too busy reading between the lines… So to speak.

The above video doesn’t really show a huge amount, just two large, dark suited security guards and the occasional flash of milky white, German flesh.

Apparently after the incident, as the models and audience alike collected themselves, Klum quipped; ““Did I just see breasts in front of me, or did I dream it?”

While the security guards moved with typical efficiency, it seems that one or two did struggle knowing quite where to put their hands.

Auf Wiedersehen.

Image: Getty