Instead it’s just kind of grey, wet and chilly. It’s too cold to go to the beach, but not cold enough to be able to wear really heavy jackets or a scarf. It’s just nothing weather, really.

However, further inland, in the steep ranges of the Snowy Mountains (Australians really aren’t very creative with their place names) you’ll find the ski fields. Places like Perisher (the biggest snowfield in the southern hemisphere), Thredbo, Mt Buller and Selwyn to name a few, become flooded come June/July with people chasing a little powder.

Not only on the ski fields is the weather more bearable (you can ski or snowboard) but also, if you find yourself short a quid, there are plenty of opportunities for gainful employment.

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For all of you continental Europeans out there who were born on an Alp with skis on your feet and snow in your hair, the need for good instructors in a country that is over 70 per cent semi-arid desert is always at a premium.

Jobs at Australian ski fields can basically be broken down into three categories: working in administrative roles out on the fields itself, working in hospitality or childcare in one of the resorts or, probably the coolest of all, as an instructor. Obviously some of the jobs require you to have qualifications, but many only need you to turn up and show a sense of willingness and a little daring do.

While some frankly sound hateful (anyone fancy staying up making snow all night?) a lot of them are no doubt a lot of fun, and the pay, by and large, is pretty good. That’s not to say you’ll get rich, but instructors get a minimum of $20 an hour, a rate which increases depending on experience, while hospitality and childcare pay the same sort of rates you’ll find working a bar or babysitting in Sydney or Melbourne – upwards of $20 an hour.

Obviously if you are going to try and get into the hospitality industry, then having a valid Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate is a must.

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Getting a job in the administrative/operations side of things can prove slightly more difficult. For example if you wanted to work as a ski patroller you’ll need a current ASPA certificate the course for which can cost upwards of $500 if you’re a first timer.

Working as a groomer or a snowmaker means you’ll be earning terrific wages, but the hours are terribly long plus you’ll be expected to have had experience working at ski resorts before. 

Keeping that in mind you’re probably best looking into the hospitality, childcare or instructing side of things. The benefits of working for a ski resort go much further than just a steady source of income.

If, for example, you’re one of the 1,300 people employed at Perisher this snow season, you’ll find yourself with a free season pass to all the main fields and terrain parks, free lessons (if you need them), 20 per cent discounts on food and beverages as well as discount ski and board hire.

As Perisher is the biggest resort it can afford to give the most benefits, but working at any place will allow you to ski or board it for free. Plenty of extra incentive then, and we all know the perks of a job are more fun than the salary itself. It’s only money, after all.

Plus, because Australia’s snowfields are all located in fairly remote locations, your accommodation will be extremely cheap, even if you do end up having to pay for it. Grab a hostel in one of the nearby towns or stay in resort accommodation on site.

Snow suit up!

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On the job

Here are a few tips for when you’re actually out on the slopes:

  • If you somehow bluff your way into being an instructor, make sure you can actually stand upright while going downhill.
  • Dress warmly. Most Europeans think that the sun shines forever down under, but it’s going to be cold!
  • Yes, the powder isn’t going to be as good at Perisher and Thredbo as it is at Courchevel or Verbier. In other words don’t go on about how crap the snow is because we already know!
  • The Perisher jobs website advertises for people to apply to be Carpark Attendants… Don’t do it to yourself.
  • You might think snowboarding is cooler than skiing, but you’d be wrong. [That’s subjective. – Ed]
  • A pair of sunglasses will do just the same job as those ridiculous snow goggles and it won’t make you look half as big a twat!
  • It’s all fun and games until someone forces someone else to eat the yellow snow…