British Airways has more female pilots than any other UK airline and is determined to see that number rise.

The airline runs its own cadet training scheme called the British Airways Future Pilot Programme – open to anyone from 18 to 55, with no previous flying experience required and plans to open the next application window for the programme from February, 2015. It also recruits trained pilots from other airlines and the armed forces.

The airline’s cadet programme has proven popular with some 4,500 applications in each of its first three years. It’s seen a gradual increase in the number of female applicants and successful cadets each year – but British Airways is hoping to attract even more women in order to deepen the potential talent pool of pilots.

Why not give it a go, and demonstrate that women are not just safer drivers, but better flyers too!

TV personality Carol Vorderman has even joined the campaign for more lasses to take it to the skies. She’s tried it herself, loved it, and now has her own pilot’s licence! Vorderman wants to inspire more women to become pilots, as she explains in this video.

“I always wanted to be a pilot. It was the reason I read Engineering at Cambridge, and ideally would have joined British Airways after graduating, but sadly their training school wasn’t open at that time,” she said. “Thankfully with initiatives like British Airways’ Future Pilot Programme there are more opportunities for tomorrow’s potential female pilots.”

British Airways offers its pilots a range of options to suit all lifestyles. This includes part-time roles, as well as long and short-haul flying on its fleet of more than 280 aircraft across 180 worldwide destinations.

British Airways’ First Officer Emily Lester, said: “After an intensive training programme I am now flying to destinations throughout Europe and would encourage anyone thinking of a career as a pilot to apply.”

Just imagine getting the comfiest seat on the plane, for every journey – awesome!

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