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Humphries is to retire as Dame Edna Everage, citing that at the age of 78 he is starting to feel that it is time to move on.

“Look, the fact of the matter is that I am starting to feel a bit senior. I love  it [performing] and it’s healthy for me. It’s the best aerobics you could do, leaping around on stage, but it’s gruelling when they are other things to do.”

Humphries has said that he intends to retire his characters, which include Dame Edna, Sir Les Patterson and Sandy Stone, from the live arena in order to focus on writing and painting. There is hope though for Edna’s adoring legions of fans. 

“Edna will crop up on television, I guess,” Humphries said, in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, offering some form of consolation to fans. 

Humphries did say though that while there will not be any more live shows. 

Eat Pray Laugh, a reference to Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel of the same name which became a much-mocked 2010 movie starring Julia Roberts, starts at Canberra on June 22. 

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