Whatever your answer, the national tourism board of Britain thinks that’s the case.

VisitBritain has recently come under fire for a booklet published with tips for tourist workers on how to deal with people of different nationalities.

The controversial report describes Aussies as ‘very direct and to the point’.

It states: ‘Many Australians can have a very sarcastic manner – this can be a challenge at times to decide if they are serious or not when telling you something. Humour is always key when talking to Australians. Don’t take offence to jokes about ‘Poms’ – it is more a friendly endearment than an intended insult.’

The tourism board also suggests that leisure employees shouldn’t create busy itineraries for visitors from down under during the first few days of their trip as they will have travelled a great distance and may be tired.

Other nationalities are also given the once-over in the booklet, with the board reminding tourism professionals not to make fun of Indian accents, not to expect much eye contact from French tourists and to avoid talking politics with Belgians.

In response to the media criticism, which first appeared in the Daily Mail, Visit Britain told the newspaper that the profiles were designed to ensure the best possible services for people visiting the UK.

Image credit: Thinkstock