The Foreign Office (FCO) has advised Britons to leave Bahrain today (Thursday) as violent protests continue.

The government has arranged for charter flights to take Brits to Dubai, in addition to the number of commercial flights available.

There are believed to be several thousand Brits living in Bahrain right now.

The FCO has told UK nationals to leave by March 17 unless they have a pressing reason to stay.

Security forces have moved in on anti-government protesters in capital Manama. Protesters have been camping in a square in the city for weeks.

At least three civilians have been killed after police fired Shia protesters. Officials said that three police officers also died in the clashes.

Bahrain’s health minister, a Shia, has resigned in protest against the government’s use of force.

Bahrain’s forces fire tear gas

The FCO has been assessing routes to the airport, working out which roads are safest. Travel is slow because of police checkpoints.

Anyone wishing to leave Bahrain but unable to get commercial flights should call +44 20 7008 5900.