BungaTINI on the ground floor is an authentic all-day family friendly Italian pizzeria and bar. However, look again and located in the far corner of BungaTINI is a secret door to the meat locker. Those brave enough to venture beyond the meat locker will find themselves in Bunga Bunga Covent Garden where an underworld brimming with old school Italian glamour awaits.

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Guests will embark on the experiential journey leading to an all singing all dancing supper club extravaganza hidden beneath the streets. A bizzare and hilarious mixture of acts appear at regular intervals to entertain, from musical performers to actors and dancers. The much talked about launch event saw a private show from Sheridan Smith OBE, and will continue to feature surprise guests Thursday – Saturday evenings. TheCelebrazioni Menu features dishes such as Burrata & pappa al pomodoro; mushroom & truffle risotto and the famous Metro Pizza, the longest pizza in London.

The space is a decadent affair, with a life size Disaronno Riva Boat, an Emperor’s box and a Martini Room providing some of the most unique spaces to dine in London. Inspired by the original imperial box in ancient Rome’s Colosseum, Bunga Bunga’s Emperor’s Box offers a truly unique dining experience for those who have always secretly longed to be an Emperor. The box offers the complete regal treatment; with one lucky ‘sovereign’ given a grand entrance held aloft in a sedan chair before being seated on the central golden throne, looking down upon their loyal subjects and giving the gladiatorial thumbs up or down for each entertainment act, anyone hitting any bum notes will be thrown to the lions!