Westminster Council has launched an investigation into the Zoo Lates events and a full report has been ordered.

The petition’s organisers state zookeepers have expressed concern at alleged drunken behaviour towards the animals, including guests climbing into enclosures, touching penguins and throwing glass at animals.

A London Zoo spokeswoman said the wellbeing of the animals is always their first priority.

“We would like to reassure those people that have taken the time to sign the petition, that we would not continue to run any event or activity which compromised this, in any way.

“We are taking every measure to ensure our Zoo Lates evenings are positive experiences for both our animals and visitors and will continue to work closely with Westminster Council to make sure they are satisfied we are meeting and exceeding all license requirements,” she said.

The BBC reported that Westminster City Council’s operation director of street management, Steve Harrison, has asked for a full report into what happened.

“If they are true, the stories about London Zoo’s Late sessions raise real concerns both about public safety and animal welfare,” he said.

“The zoo has duties of care and clear commitments under its premises and zoo licences.”

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