?Preparations for this summer’s fourth annual Camp Bestival are in full swing, with 30,000 visitors expected to attend the art and music festival at Dorset’s Lulworth Castle at the end of the month.??

The four-day festival begins Friday 29 July outside the fairytale-esque castle.

"We are mindful of people living nearby – the impact is huge,” Paul Pinnock, the castle and estate manager, told the BBC.

Camp Bestival is the largest event held at Lulworth Castle, and Pinnock called the logistics of such a large scale event “amazing."

With a population surge during the festival, making sure that traffic is minimized is a crucial element to making sure things run smoothly.

Pinnock said precautions such as one-way routes are implemented to make sure traffic doesn’t backup.

"Myself, the Camp Bestival team, all have these 'what if' meetings with the parish council, police, fire and rescue, health and safety, traffic managers,” he said.??But more than anything, Pinnock emphasized the importance of keeping festival-goers safe and in a good mood.

"We go through everything and make sure everyone is happy – that's the bit the public don't see,” he said.

Tickets are still available online and if you fancy, we dare you to bring out your knight’s costume: this year’s dress theme is medieval.