Top-end restaurants

Canberra has numerous restaurants serving up food that rivals anywhere else in Australia or around the world in its quality. With so much to choose from, competition is fierce. Some of the picks are the Ottoman, Chairman and Yip, the Charcoal Grill, Mezzalira and the Julep Lounge.

Cheap and tasty

There is no shortage of Asian restaurants serving up cheap Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and Indian food for very reasonable prices. The best places to find these are in Kingston, Manuka, the CBD and Dickson.


There are decent places to go for a drink in Canberra, you just need to know what to go for, or avoid. In Civic (the CBD) go for the Phoenix, Hippo, Toast, Muddle Bar, Uni Pub, the ANU Bar (at the uni). In Kingston go for Filthy’s, or the Holy Grail. In Dickson there’s the uber-funky Trinity. In O’Connor, there’s All Bar Nun. Meanwhile, also in Civic is the Wig and Pen, which would have to be one of the best pubs anywhere in the world. That’s a bold claim, to be sure, but the beers —all of its big selection of ales, lagers, stouts and bitters are brewed on the premises — are nothing short of exceptional.