My job involves… managing and overlooking the strategic development of Qudos Animations so that it continues to evolve, grow and deliver the highest level of work to its clients. The studio produces animated 2D, 3D, cartoon, whiteboard, stop motion videos for a range of clients, to meet diverse purposes, including marketing, internal communications and even music videos.

I got my job by… realising that starting my own business would deliver genuine value to clients. I graduated in medicine, but due to a passion in digital marketing, I was involved in the field for a number of years and realised I had the vision and experience I needed to establish a studio. Qudos Animations fills a gap in the market by providing high quality animated videos at a price that even start-up companies can afford.

My day-to-day work includes…  everything from liaising with my team of producers,  marketing, business development  and accounts people to ensure everything is running smoothly .We always have a number of animations in production and our team always strive to exceed expectations and need to work to tight deadlines.  As head of the studio I am always striving to evolve the studio so that it delivers the highest level of results in our niche.

The most rewarding part of my day job is… hearing positive feedback from clients. Often our animations will exceed their initial expectations so they’re thrilled by the results and conversions achieved. I also love watching the videos and seeing for myself how engaging they can be. It’s great to see that many people agree that you’re never too old to watch cartoons! Now they’re used for everything from health and safety videos to fun TV adverts.

The most challenging part of my job is… ensuring all areas of the business are meeting their targets. This is why I continuously focus on instilling a culture of communication throughout the business. Continuous feedback throughout all departments and with customers is essential for the studio to deliver the best results.

My advice for anyone looking to get into this industry is… to start by working in an animation studio, advertising firm or other related business and learn as many skills as you can before deciding whether to start your own agency. Having your own studio can be a challenge at times, particularly at the start, but if you stay focused on your brand and goals, you can soon start to attract loyal clients and make a name for yourself.

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