The woman who dumped a cat in the bin has been charged with animal cruelty offences.

Mary Bale, who was filmed putting a cat in a wheelie bin, has been charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a cat and with not providing the animal with a suitable environment.

The now infamous cat lady was caught on CCTV as she first stroked Lola the cat and then dumped her in the bin belonging to her owners Stephanie and Darryl Andrews-Mann.

The incident happened in August and the RSPCA is now taking Bale to court under the Animal Welfare Act of 2006.

RSPCA spokeswoman Judith Haw said: ”Mary Elizabeth Bale from St Michaels Road in Coventry is due to appear before Coventry Magistrates Court on Tuesday 19 October at 10am to face two criminal charges, contrary to the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

”The RSPCA has taken the case to court as two alleged offences have been committed; of causing unnecessary suffering to a cat and of not providing the animal with a suitable environment.

”Mrs Bale was witnessed on CCTV footage stroking a cat, then looking round and picking the cat up by the scruff of its neck before putting it in a wheelie bin, shutting the lid and walking away from the scene. At no point did she return.

”The cat was trapped in the bin for approximately 15 hours.

”As criminal proceedings are now active the RSPCA will not be issuing any further statements or completing interview requests until conclusion of the court case.”

Bale was caught after her owners posted the video on Youtube and set up a Facebook page called Help Find The Woman Who Put My Cat In The Bin.

What do you think about the story? Is the amount of attention it’s received a bit hypocritical in a country which sees no problem with eating meat produced in the brutal factory farming system?

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