Karissa Sharon was so angered by having her bum exposed on national TV exposed that she ran into the diary room and warned Celebrity Big Brother that she was considering legal action.

“You’re going to show my ass on TV, that’s for sure. I’m not cool with that so I’m going to sue you guys. My management’s not going to be ok with this.”

She then told Welch: “I’ll forgive you tomorrow but I’m pissed off,” before storming into the garden and shouting: “B***h! Denise just pulled my pants down. She apologised but it’s not OK.”

Welch, who last week went topless during a hot tub session in the house, claimed she did not realise her actions would have offended Karissa.

“It’s your great bum, show it off,” she told the former playmate.

Sharon added that she was not happy with what she described as Frankie Cocozza’s “sexual harassment”.

She said: ‘I’m done with Frankie’s sexual harassment, he sexually harasses me every day, and I want to go home.’

Apparently Cocozza’s suggestions towards Karissa and her twin sister, Katrina, have been getting more and more lewd.

Earlier this week, he waved condoms at them and let the pair know that wanted to have sex with them.

“Girls, if you ever need it, it’s there,” he said. “Come and put a condom on me. Teach me how to do it.’

The show’s winner will be revealed on Friday night.