Rap stars 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg have both racked up more than £3000
each for tweeting a single advert online, The Sun newspaper

This new marketing strategy could give big-named stars the chance to earn
a staggering £32,000 a month for plugging products on their Twitter accounts.

British entrepreneur and internet marketer Arnie Gollov-Sing has already got 5,000 public figures signed up to his advertising business Ad.ly. in the US, in which they promote products including Microsoft and Coca Cola on Twitter, and Gollov-Sing now plans to launch the service on UK soil.

In America celebrities must state that they are getting paid for their Tweets by including the words “ad” or “spon”, but Britain doesn’t have any Twitter laws.

But how will the British public react to the paid-for Twitter promotions?

people don’t reveal a Tweet is paid for it could undermine fans’
trust,”  John Whittingdale from the Commons culture committee told The

Range Rover is the first big UK company to run a campaign on Twitter, and with the help of 40 stars including ex-GMTV host Ben Shephard and model Daisy Lowe, they are hoping to spread the message about their latest model Evoque 4×4.


– Inger Smith