Obama or McCain rather than Key or Clark is the question on many New Zealanders lips, according to a recent survey.

Research New Zealand polling released today showed 14 percent of New Zealanders were more interested in the United States presidential election than the New Zealand general election.

A further 13 percent said they were just as interested in the presidential race as the New Zealand election.

Research New Zealand director Emanuel Kalafatelis said while 61 percent of those polled were most interested in the election at home, the drama of the US election had caught the attention of a significant number of New Zealanders.

Both elections are looming with Americans heading to the poll booths on Tuesday and New Zealanders on Saturday.

Nine percent of those polled said they were not interested in either election and three percent said they did not know.

Research New Zealand polled 500 people with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percent.