We first met snooty Ja’mie in Lilley’s first multi-character mockumentary We Can Be Heroes: Finding The Australian of the Year, in which she was nominated for the top gong for sponsoring 85 Sudanese kids and doing the 40-hour Famine twice a week.

She was then at her condescending finest in Summer Heights High, when she went to public school as a cultural experience. “It’s way less povo than I thought it would be” and “I love your bins. They’re so random” were among the highlights of the first episode.


At the end of SHH, she signed off from Summer Heights with “public schools rock” to set up the scene for her new venture, back with her own people on Sydney’s posh north shore.

The six episodes will cover her final few weeks at Hillford Girls Grammar School.

The series will air on the ABC, in the UK on BBC and in the US HBO, which copped flack for the least funny character in Angry Boys’ (S.Mouse) when it aired there. As Ja’mie would say, that’s so random.