Chris has been wandering the Hertfordshire countryside for the past month ever since escaping from her home.

At the moment, Chris is currently residing at the Barkway Park Golf Club, near Royston, but as she’s able to run at speeds of 40mph, that could change very quickly.

Owner Joanna Clark is worried for her pet, and doubts that she’ll get Chris back.

“I keep getting told where she’s been spotted but I’ll never catch her I don’t think. I’d love my little girl back,” she said, according to Sky News.

People at the golf course have seen Chris wandering about looking relaxed and happy – so she’s probably in no great hurry to get home.

The RSPCA are aware of her great escape, but if you see Chris, don’t approach her – rheas are capable of delivering a vicious swipe with their six-inch claws, and can kick pretty well, too.

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Image credit: Thinkstock/Twitter