Rocca di Manerba, Lake Garda:

Located inside the Natural park of Rocca this is a beautiful place immersed in remote nature. The beach is under a high overhanging cliff where hawks make their nests. It is surrounded by a lush forest and very clear water, with wonderful views out on to the lakes. Even the short walk needed to reach the beach is pleasant, through quiet woods and olive groves. Take the time to climb the rock and admire the beautiful views from the top of the cliff. From Manerba follow directions for port of Dusano and then to the parking lot of the reserve. Walk through the field to reach the beach.

Cavagrande del cassibile, Sicily:

Here in the middle of Sicily the river has carved a deep canyon, used since antiquity as a natural means of defense and as an impervious and inaccessible burial place. Descending the Cruci stairway to the bottom of the valley, you will able you to see an impressive necropolis excavated in the rock over millennia. Reach the river and you’ll find several pools and waterfalls, great to swim in, dive and spend a day without any chance of getting bored, or meeting anyone. Go straight to the upper pool to find secluded place and a the quietest environment. From Avola continue along the SS115 and follow for Avola/Cavagrande and turn right towards “Cava Grande Laghetti”.

Pozze smeraldine, North East:

Guarded by the mountains, these emerald Pools are just a short walk away along a mountain path. Their clear waters and colour justify their name ’emerald pools’ and the hue will leave you speechless. In a beautiful natural setting, isolated, this is an almost enchanted magical place. Walk a bit further to reach a small rock canyon and another waterfall. All the Meduno valley offers great places to swim, and the Lake of Tramonti is charming and fascinating, with the ruin of an old town under its waters. In Tramonti di Sopra, go straight to the church and turn left following the signs to the climbing gym (palestra di roccia).

La Para, Emilia Romagna:

The Para river flows in a deep, steep valley, wild and almost untouched. To fully enjoy the beauty of the place go up the river on foot, walking in the water, passing small waterfalls and gorges. It is a pretty trip, including waterfalls and turquoise pools. This way you can seek out a perfect, secluded place just for yourself. Ancient legends talk about a community of gnomes living there, but we didn’t met any of them. From Alfero follow signs for Mazzi to reach Para. Pass the narrow bridge and park before the subsequent bridge.

Campone, North east:

Be prepared to walk along the river for over an hour, first between waterfalls and small pools, then past larger waterfalls and narrow gorges to reach the final waterfall of Palcoda – remote, wild and wonderful. If you aren’t now tired, continue to reach the inaccessible and now abandoned ghost village of Palcoda. In Campone, turn left in Via Centro, towards the Bar Strias. Follow the road to a small square, where you can park. Now follow the path to the river and walk upstream.

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