Corkcicle Classic

%TNT Magazine% Corkcicle

An innovative product to chill your white wine or bring down the temperature of a warm red wine, without diluting your drink. The Corkcicle is easy to remove from the wine bottle, only takes 2 hours to freeze and tested to the highest standards. Make sure you enjoy wine at the perfect temperature.

£14.99 from Root7

Mojito Master

For a special occasion, try creating a Mojito at home. This handy gadget contains all the tools to make this classic cocktail all in one place. Equipped with:  jigger, knife and stirrer, ensuring that your next mojito is legendary.

£15 from Root7

Martini Master

If you prefer the sophistication of a Martini, this product is equipped with: channel knife/zester, reamer, jigger, knife and strainer. The Martini Master makes creating cocktails at home super easy.

£15 from Root7

Cocktail Spinner

%TNT Magazine% Cocktailspinner

Make your own cocktail creations with minimal effort. Using a pump action this spinner creates a vortex that puts the right amount of air into your cocktail to evenly mix all ingredients.

£20 from Root7

Whiskey Wedge

If you love Whiskey, this is the glass for you. This classy product creates a wedge of ice within the glass, that melts slowly and doesn’t dilute your spirit. Bring out this stylish glass for any special occasion and enjoy any chilled spirit of your choice.

£18 from  Root7

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

%TNT Magazine% shots

Enjoy any spirit in style, while taking the edge off. These shot glasses are made from 100% natural rock salt and are available in a 4 pack along with an Acacia wood serving board, or in a 2 pack for smaller occasions. These glasses are perfect for enjoying tequila and can be used event after event.

£15 for a 2 pack and £25 for a 4 pack from Root7

Vodka Zinger

Infuse your favourite spirit with and fruit combination of your choice. Simply unscrew the bottom, add in your chosen fruits, and attached back onto the bottle to enjoy unique flavour spirits.

£25 from Root7


Say goodbye to warm beer and enjoy your beverage perfectly chilled for longer.  Keep this cool gadget in the freezer and place into your beer bottle to enjoy. The state of the art spout means you don’t have to remove the chillsner to drink your beer, what more could you need?

£17 from Root7